Freckled Fawn | October Memory Planner Spread

Howdy Freckled Fawners!  Kim here to talk about this wonderful October kit and my 1st project using a ring bound memory planner.

On the right hand side I wanted use the new 8.5 x 11 papers and the journal cards to the max.  After placing my horizontal picture on a vertical card, I started playing around with semi-circles and layered them concentrating on the right and center of the page. 

I placed the October wood veneer within the rings and wrapped a couple of those fantastic golden leaves around it to stick up as tabs.

My center divider was made from the new papers as well.  I punched a few larger wholes on the edge so I could tie some twine.  Those alphas just made my day!

The picture on the left is actually 3x4.  I just scored it down the center and wrapped it around the divider.

There is Tyler in his suit for homecoming on the facing divider side.

The journal card that matches the paper was ripped at the top for texture and a  stripped label sticker was added and wrapped just like the picture....

So it would be placed over part of Jack's Homecoming dance picture.

Another veritcal journal card, trimmed this time, was added as a base for Eli's sliding picture.  And instead of adding journaling to the chipboard piece, I added it below it.

Thanks for joining me today!  I hope this inspires you to use your October kit creatively!

Freckled Fawn | DIY Patterned Paper

Hi there!  Kim here to show you a fresh way of using some of the beautiful elements in the August Embellishment Kit!

To start off with, we got these beautiful Vintage Doily Acetate Diecuts!  

I used them two ways.  I placed them in a random pattern on the bed of my copier and printed a page.  I then cut it to fit as a background for my planner page.  I creates a beautiful, smooth surface to write your day's tasks on in addition to using them physically in other places in your planner as well.

I made this tag by using parts and pieces of the journal cards designed exclusively for Freckled Fawn by Lili Niclass.  I also attached a piece of the acetate doily as well as the floral wood chips to create some more texture and interest.

On the facing page I again, used a ripped journal card as a header for some events happening that Friday and accented it with those incredibly clear phrase stickers.  Seriously, can not get more clearer than clear!  

And the hidden gem of the kit would be the metal charms in a doily, feather and leaf.  I've attached them together and clipped to the elastic of my travelers notebook as a fun accessory.  These are exclusive to the kit which I'm sad to say has sold out already but you can always subscribe to be in on next month's exclusive goodies no matter what!

I appreciate you joining me here!  I hope I've inspired you today!


The Fairytale Club | Sweet Dailies

Sweet Dailies

Hi there, Kim here!  #whoohoo!!

Daily pages for me care so much fun to create!  I have, basically, 8 x 14 inches of blank standard pages to prettify using the 'Sweet' Kit.

After drawing 4 vertical lines to use as columns, I took some pattern paper up top below the day to start with candy striping.  Then, I started to segment my pages even further using ephemera to designate areas of attention. Don't forget to look all your kit options, including packaging, to use on your pages.

The kit's large alphas are overlapped here to mimic the handwriting font they are.  The label stickers designate as headers while the phrase stickers help encourage me along my day!

In this spread,  much like others, I try to focus my attention on each task by taking a quick second and going over the first letter with my pen.  It's such and easy way to turn any un-perfect handwriting into something a little more polished.

Thanks for joining me today!  I know you'll have a sweet day!


Freckled Fawn | In my humble opinion by Kim

Memory keeping and planning are just about the same thing.  For scrapbooking, pocket page, travelers notebook or whatever form of memory keeping you do,  you have limited space to tell a story marked by time pictures, drawings, any physical things that conveys a memory using supplies you choose.  Everything about planning, I think, is the same as those keepsakes we treasure; you choose the foundation, supplies and content.  The only difference between the two is the story. In planning's case, the story is right now, current, or is yet to come. It's all about thinking ahead to make those future events tangible and creating the story we want to have told by what occasion, task or intention that is coming around the corner (or the next page)!

Remember that you are the artist controlling you're own direction creatively in this planning endeavor.  Enjoy it for creating sake and use your killer skills to direct your daily, weekly and yearly path with beauty, expression and full of your voice the way you want to.

I just wanted to say thank you for choosing Freckled Fawn to be your helping hand in using your creative voice!  Your past, present and future story is unique, personal and a blessing to everyone!

Fairytale Scrapbook | Digital to Dashboard

Making travelers notebook dashboards are quickly becoming one of those things I HAVE to do when I'm feeling crafty.  There's something about creating a girly, bright and cheerful visual entry into a section or at the start of your planner.  I really helps set my mood!

So when I saw this free printable on the Fairytale Scrapbook Club Blog I snatched it up and got right to work!

Since I loved the 'Girly and Strong' collection so much I had to buy a digital edition to my already depleted contents of the physical version.  I printed out (with my laser printer) the word cut files which were the basis of the gold puffy stickers in the physical kit, onto clear matte sticker paper.  Then, I foiled them in a bright greenish blue that is almost perfect for the kit colors.

After the fun foiling, I began work on the design of the dashboard!

I ripped off the bottom of my summer card which I had resized for the dashboard and then attached another printed heart paper from the kit.

To add more texture I glued a bit of blue fringe and topped it off with some more kit paper, washi tape and more clear slickers.  You can see at the top of this picture I used the foiled stickers as a background shadow for the gold puffy stickers included in the kit!

I then added a few more fun elements before inserting in my clear dashboard insert!  It was a quick fun project that I'm excited to see when I'm flipping through my planner!

Thanks for stopping!

Miora Studio |Woodland Planner Girl

I thought you might want to see a very darling Woodland Planner Kit up close!  This is from Miora Studio, a very creative mother and daughter team.  The Mom (Michelle) draws, sketches, paints and colors every single original art included in this kit and her daughter (Aurora) scans, digitizes and gets those works ready to put in your planner!

She includes a few of these cute little die cuts in the kit that look fabulous on their own or even better in a pocket of your planner or in a layout!  

I think it is just wonderful that you can personalize your planner girl by choosing the skin and hair color of your girl!  And it comes in three different sizes on your deco sheet as well as the die cut!

And if you are on the fence, you can always choose the Traveler's Notebook Planner Sticker Insert .  For under $8 you get a fabulous assortment of stickers and it fits in your TN as well!

Head on over to the shop and pick yourself up a kit!
Here is my unboxing video of this kit!  Enjoy!!

Thanks for stopping!

Freckled Fawn | July Month View

Hey there, Kim here to show you how the embellishment kit works flawlessly as a planner kit!  As you can see from the shop already, that the planner kit is sold out! #yeah  But this embellishment kit is absolutely spot on for use as a planner kit instead!

The chipboard pieces, like the sun, star and phrase sticker, add fantastic dimension and texture to your layout.  If you have concerns about them being too bulky on your page, just take an xacto knive or even the point of your finger nail to decrease the bulk of the paper layers, to what ever height you would like.  

Then run it through a Xyron machine or add you're own adhesive to add it to your layout easily!

 This corner I got a little goofy, split the watermelon chipboard in 2 and made it into an emoji-like dude with drawn teeth and an enamel dot eyeball. Those alpha stickers, printed on super think and lux vellum add a great, fun font choice to this view. And don't forget to document some memories along the way, which I did with the label stickers and a picture of my favorite Luke!

There are so many details in the this layout, from the glitter icon stickers to the resin two toned heart,  I can always stop back and see something I didn't know I had put there before! Thanks for joining me today and I would love to see how you use the embellishment kit in your planner!

Freckled Fawn | Two Ways to use the July Planner Kit

I've done several planner spreads with it and I totally love the summer vibes feel associated with it!
The best part of these kits are the flexibility of them; you can be either unstructured or structured in nature depending on your style of planning!  Today I'll show you both ways, using the same planner.

My first planner spread using this kit is totally unstructured. 

The alphas in this kit mirror the washi tape so well I wanted to feature them together in this fun little corner mimicking a camp sign post.

I used the labels to write down some tasks for the day and I also included a picture of our recent vacation since I was reminiscing on how fun a time we had!

I have no problem stapling the rubber shapes onto the page! It always adds a bit of fun texture to your layouts along with the glitter icon stickers!

Now, here are the pages for the structured layout!

On the top part of the page, I used the alpha to highlight the activities we have for each day.

Then on the bottom of the page, with a background of watercolor, I added my to do lists.

The label and chipboard stickers are a great fill in for the space left over and the perfect place and some more reminders!

I love the versatility and variety in each and every kit.  Go grab yourself one too!


Freckled Fawn | 3 DIY Planner Accessories from the June Kit

I love to not only jazz up my spread but the planner outside itself.  Of course there is a bow in the kit that you add to a clip to decoratively hold your pages together, but there are also some elements in this months kit that inspired me to make 3 additional fun things to pair with my planner this month.

The first thing is a planner bookmark pictured above.

The only additional items besides the  awesome pearl-essent circle stickers is a hot glue gun and some embroidery floss or string of your choosing.  All you have to do is stick a pearl to the floss.  Then dab the tiniest of hot glue on it and face with another pearl of you choosing.

I did some alternating colors but you can do as you please.

The next is this cute planner charm.  Armed with a drill and a small drill bit I easily drilled a hole in 2 of the acrylic shapes and the wood veneer.  Using 3 jump rings and an alligator clasp to gain some distance from the "hello summer" sun I then connected the popsicle and watermelon with a small chain.  

How cute did that turn out?!!?

The last accessory I made was using the washi strips.  Since the kit came with 4 sheet, 2 of each design, I thought I could spare a few to make a fun paperclip.

All I did was face three strips with the same design. So simple.

I then stacked all three, folded them in half to make a loop then threaded the loop end through a paperclip.  After putting the ends through the loop I pulled tight and then fish-tailed the orange strip with scissors.  

Now you have some fresh ideas on how to make some fresh planner accessories using your fab FF kit!

Thanks for stopping!