Wallet Set Up - My Everyday Carry | Kinleighs Doodles Box

I love using a pocket size TN as a wallet.  It houses my money (obviously), a calendar and a notes page to keep me on the go fresh!

With this set up, I used January's Kinleighs Doodles Box.  So full of all things winter!  This house fondly reminds me of my Grandparents farm in South Dakota!

Instead of sticky notes this month, she included a cute now and later note pad!

I also made an accordion pocket for my Travelers Notebook!  If you are wondering how to do that I put the template for FREE on my Templates tab up top! ( I also showed you how to do it on the YT video I linked at the end of this post:)

I thought it would be fun to have a cluster of cool kit die cuts on the top of this insert cover.  The turned down corners was one my favorite parts as well!

My back pockets are a place to hold some die cuts!

One of the dashboard inserts I made.  I added some crayon markings for steam coming out of the mug!  The top was ripped and then I faced it with the kit's plaid to accent it :)

I hope you enjoy the set up video Linked above!  It certainly makes chilly winters a bit more palitable having a pretty planner to work with!

Thanks for joining me and don't forget to check out the FREE Templates!


Year in REVIEW | a full year flip in my Master Planner

It's always crazy to think that another year has come and gone and think of all the lost opportunities, goals missed or projects not quite complete.  I'm as guilty as the next Type - Awesome person who has a list of to-do's a mile long.  

But let's stop for a second.  Let's take a moment to THINK about all those things we actually DID accomplish... Even better let's look at it!  I challenge you to go back to whatever you can review and see WHAT you did in 2018!  Heck, use Facebook and Instagram and look at your pictures posted to flash back some thoughts.  THEN you will see ALL the things you DID do.  

So let's ease up on ourselves for 2019.  I don't mean, don't dream less, do less or think less. Just be mindful of your accomplishments too!

I did a flip through of all (but two) inserts  I used in my master planner for 2018 and WOW did I get some stuff done!  Yeah there were pages blank, pages decorated but blank, pages full but no deco but honestly, I wanted to look at the positive!

Thanks for stopping by and CHEERS to 2019 and our planners!


I'm on a Podcast!!

I was thrilled when Jessica over at Planner Lifestyle Podcast invited me to be on her show last week!
Here is the link in case you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet!

Hope you enjoy it!  I sure did have a blast making it!

A6 Clear Set UP! | Mommy Lhey

This November box from Mommy Lhey is all about a Girls night in with a cozy P.J. party!! You'll see a silver foiled collection of purple and teal! Also your exclusive CLEAR planner, is an A6 Wide size  4 strings and teal elastics! 

If you haven't seen it's unboxing, Here it is!

My set up was only 2 hours long from start to finish but with the beautiful designs, it's difficult for me not to get stumped!

This dashboard insert is just 4 different layers on packaging on top of each other with a washi strip and die cut too!

The kit came with lovely ombre purple foiled sticky note that I used in a geometric pattern on top of one of the papers!

Parts and pieces do make a whole! This paper scrap was cobbled together using stickers as well.  You'd never know it though!

A die cut on top of more packaging is great for this back dashboard insert!

This clear TN was stunning on it's own, I just decided to use the free included digital files to make a foiled vinyl decoration.

The pen included in the kit nestles perfectly on the edges of my inserts!

Thank you for stopping by today!

2018 Christmas Planner

Every Year I put together a holiday planner to help me get a grip on the holidays!  This year is not much different except I'm using a Websters Pages Color Crush Buffalo Plaid Personal Size Planner.
I know it's a mouth full but trust me it's so worth it to have everything organized just the way I want it to to keep me on the straight and narrow!

The pockets do serve a major purpose even just to brighten up my holiday season, but I do have some large journal cards that make excellent place holders if I'm flipping from page to page.  It also has an individual Christmas countdown as well as a gift tag all ready to go!!

This accordion folder is perfect for holding my receipts and cash!

Here is the YT tutorial on it!

I don't have a problem using dimension pieces!  I think they add a lot of texture to my creations.

I love to incorporate pictures, especially in my @websterspages Christmas planner as dividers! Reminds me of all the joy this season brings!

Here is the set up video and flip through!

Standard Size Set Up | Using Kinleigh's Doodles Box

If you are looking for more specifics I made an unboxing video for this Doodle Box

THEN THE SET-UP ! xoxoxo

I'm always looking for some thing to write on, so why not add one of those adhesive picked to my front dashboard!

I made a daily bookmark to house all my kit stickers!

A faux present dashboard insert made from paper scraps!

A 3x4 journal card show piece for an insert cover.

A faux photo corner so I can remove and re-use this dashboard card for next year!

Ringing in the new year with a Kubo and Lucy paperclip charm as part of the kit!

Here is the Set- UP VIDEO!!!

ENJOY! xoxox

Accordion Pockets - ALL different sizes for ALL different Planners!!!

This video done for an accordian pocket for a personal rings planner!

This next video is for a B6 and a Personal Planner sized Accordion Pocket for your Travelers Notebook.

Enjoy! xoxo

2018 Christmas Planner

December can be busy and filled with endless demands on or time.  I've created a single planner that will house all of my Holiday gift giving, food, decorations and a whole host of other preparations so my season is full of cheer.

I always add photos from seasons past to remind me of those times of great joy!

Adding a variety of textures is important to the over look and "feel" of my planner.  Velvet paper and clear acetate die cuts help me achieve that!

Te Budget is front and center in my planner!  The most important thing for me to follow this holiday season!

A fun play of words for my gift giving section!

Pocket Love!  I appreciate the calming colors of this pocket appearance.  Plus I love all the dear "running through my planner!

This Joy is actually white plastic!  I made sure it would stay right there in the rings without sliding by adding a bit of washi tape on the letters.

Layers always achieve some dimention without adding too much bulk.

Time to get my bake on!

Although the decorations, which is what will be shown in this post, I did a video showcasing how I use this planner to its full capacity!