Unboxing of August Mommy Lhey Litttle Bits Box

This New Mommy Lhey Kit is out of this world.. literally!

GENEROUS Holographic Foil throughout makes this an extra sparkly Kit!!

Blossom sure is adorable in her space suit and helmet!

You really can dive in to all this gorgeous lusciousness on a moments notice!

To view my unboxing of it visit : https://youtu.be/3TGY6KngHIU
Or watch below

How I Plan : My Monthly and Weekly Set up

I've got a brand new video for you to take a look at!  This time I walk through with you on how I plan my month and weeks.

I walk you though not only the basics on how and why I transfer information from my yearly insert to my monthly, but I also give you a couple of pointers on how to make your planner decorative as well as the all important functional.  I 100% believe that you can be organinzed, planned and pretty all at the same time!


Mommy Lhey | Reversible Pocket inside your B6 insert

Hello It's Mommy Lhey Girl Kim here to show you a great reversible pocket that can be placed between the staples of a B6 insert!  I've got the steps played all out for you do can make this while reading :)

1 - 8.5' x 11' piece of Mommy Lhey Paper
Adhesive ( I use a glue stick but you can use what you like)
Your planner :)

Optional Supplies:
a marking pen
a bone folder
a scoring mat

Let's get started!

Grab the insert your planning to add a pocket to and measure (or eyeball) the distance between the staples and mark your paper with about 1/4 inch less to account for some wiggle room.

Fold the paper at that line length-wise, nice and straight.

Then measure 1/2 inch from each short end and fold inward on that mark.

I like to use the scoring mat to make sure my crease will be straight.

Because of the thickness of folded paper they won't lay down smoothly.

I combat this by removing the taller section of the 1/2 inch fold that we made.  That way when you bend the flap backward to the back it lays perfectly!

Adhere the smaller 1/2 inch flap to the back of the folded pocket.

Now you have a long pocket!

Fold the entire piece in half.  I use a bone folder to make sure the crease is nice and crisp.

Now you just slip it between the staples and you've got yourself a pocket inside an insert!

If you'd like to watch the video tutorial instead, It's loaded on Mommy Lhey's channel here:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial!


B6 Accordion pocket folder for your TN

Hi there!  It's Kim Oedekoven again (@krodesigns) back again to show you a fun little project for your new B6 TN.

Storage for stickers, receipts or other necessities of our daily planner lives need a home and I hopefully have a project that will enhance your planning experience with an accordion pocket folder.

The steps and You Tube Video are below!

Step 1. Print out the template for this project called 'B6 accordion pocket template and instructions'. It's located for free in a dropbox folder here : http://bit.ly/b6templates

Step 2.  Place the template on top of two pattern papers with the right sides facing out.  You can also use the vellum or acetate from the kit to create this as well!  I like to use the digital papers which can eaily be printed on cardstock.

Step 3. Cut around the solid line of the paper stack.  This will ensure the proper dimensions of the B6 folder.

Step 4. Fold the paper stack, all together, on the dotted line.

Step 5. Cut just the template paper in half on the dotted line.

Step 6. Accordian fold (make a 'fan') each side, length wise in 3/4" strips

Step 7. Glue the two pieces of paper just left of the center fold line.

Step 8. Glue the top and bottom of that same side making a three sided enclosure for your goodies.

Step 9. Glue the accordion papers to the top and bottom of the sides between the two papers lining them up on the sides and bottom.

Step 10. If you would like to add a closure on the either side now is a great time to do that.  I just cut a piece of paper the width of the inside portion of the pocket and just glued it into place. There are a lot of different ways to secure the closure.  I've used, snaps, velcro and cut a  half moon shape to tuck the flap in.  Washi tape is also a very economical and fantastic way to secure your flap as well!

Step 11.  You can always add dividers to your accordion side by cutting packaging or card stock to fit and sliding them into place.

Below is the YT video where I show these step by step instructions as well as demonstrate how I did a pocket size version of this project for my wallet!


Thanks again!

Back to Basics: Tags, dashboards and shaker insert covers | Mommy Lhey

 Hey there beautiful friends!!! It's Kim (@krodesigns) here today!  I thrilled to show you my first project(s) from the March Little Bits Box!  If you haven't had a chance to see the whole "Nighty, Night" kit in entirety, here is my quick unboxing of this sleepy little collection that really packs a punch!

Let's get started on our first a 3 projects for today!

First of all lets talk dashboards inserts!  These are the plannels of paper that I created using part digital and part physical parts.  The background paper was a digital print out from the kits free digital files and everything else minus the dies cuts and washi were left over cut parts.  I never throw anything away while I'm creating!

The backside of this one is another combo of left of over parts and die cuts.  I did include the top half of the title card from the kit though.  I love that sentiment!

I made another one using the left overs of the pattern paper and packaging but did add some washi and those fab black alphas from the kit!

The second project I made was this quick insert cover!  I loved the way the acetate and the vellum looked together right out of the package I decided to keep it that way!  

I did add a couple die cuts and sequins from my own stash and sewed around the edges to make sure they were snug as a bug in a rug!

Let's talk about tags!  I had a blast putting the three of these together.  This one is simply a die cut, some packaging and some stickers!  

The next one had a few more layers.  I couldn't wait to use those shaker stickers on these tags!  They add so much dimension and pizazz! The back tags I made sure all had swallows tails to match!

This one is most definately my favorite!  I'm not sure if it's the bow or the yellow but it makes me so very happy.  The edges were cut using my pinking sheers and I did add a couple stickers and a few die cuts too!

Thanks for joining me here today!  If you want to see a process video on how I made all these projects, the link is below!!! 

Thanks for stopping!!!



Layers of Love | Decorating from the ground up | Mommy Lhey

Hi there everybody, Kim ( @krodesigns) here!

So today I'm going to talk about my layers of love, my full proof steps to decorate my planner with a pop. 

Every single time I put my planner together for the month I follow my same routine to get the job done fast, fresh and easy!  And that's what I'm doing here today in my pocket size Travelers notebook insert!

I always, always, always start with stickers. Obviously you know that you can just pick one up and put it down anywhere you want, but  they are just so easy to work with and fantastic to layer. Don't forget to cut them apart to make a different page flags and shorter pieces to work with too.  Sometimes cutting horizontal word washi strips into pieces and placing them in a vertical position can give a different page effect.  

Mommy Lhey's February Little Bits Box came with nine sheets of stickers and of course I don't need to cut them apart to make the kit stretch more, but I do it because I think it's a great way to be creative in your own way using the fantastic kit components from ML.

The second thing I always turn to are die cuts.  I love to use them in my planner spreads instead of just as decoration because they're a huge space filler. I know the days of the week where I don't have a lot of activities and chores. And even in this pocket sized notebook, which is what I use on the go, there are some days where I don't have a lot of activities or chores and I'm basically spending the majority of my time in my home planner.  Sundays seem to be the best day for me to add some extra decoration to my planner!

The third thing I always use in every single spread every single spread is some sort of stamping. It's like my icing on a cupcake. It add and extra bit of detail and a bit of a handmade love is not always perfection.  It also adds some texture to your page without the bulk :)

I know a lot of stickers are precise but I love the fact that stamping is such a unique way to add some personality to your planner and the fact that Mommy's little bits box comes with a 3 by 4 stamp set is remarkable.   A permanent item that you can use over and over and over again each month, how thoughtful!

It took me one hour to set up this pocket sized TN which I think didn't take too long to do.  Don't get me wrong I love the creative process of decorating my planner but I do love to spending time with my family and getting things done  that I have written in my planner too.  Stickers, die cuts and stamps are the easiest way to go for me to get it done. But if you are looking for the sprinkles on the icing on the cupcake,  enamel dots and sequins are the way to go. Don't forget about those fabulous journal cards too. They're fantastic for tip-ins or lists on the back as well. 

Here is a quick process video on how I set up this month's on the go spreads.  Thanks for joining me here today!


Snap closure TN folder and bookmark | Fairytale Club

I have 2, love at first make Travelers Notebook projects for you today!  The newest collection from The Fairytale Club is entitled "Happy Day" which it always is when I work with this kit!

First, I made this laminated bookmark.  I just trimmed of the A5 dividers to make it fit within my standard travelers notebook. Andrea always designs things so versatile you would never think that I'd miss out on the width of that size of a design.  The ribbon accent where I feed it through the grommet will definitely make sure I never miss my place!

As crafters, you know adhesives are paramount in construction.  Well, my favorite non-toxic permanent liquid super glue adhesive, called Wellbond, is perfect to make sure those special sequins are never going anywhere. Just a little dab and it's perfect!

On the back side I added a pocket to hold some of  lovely goodies!  

I used top half of a personal divider, since it is exactly the same width,  to create this pocket before laminating.  I did adhere the bottom and sides  but through the process of laminating, It seems to make sure the pocket is absolutely secured and not going to rip in any way.  I then used my craft knife to create the slit after to make sure the pocket was fully functional.

The other project I made was a secure folder insert for my Travelers Notebook.   Now I know I didn't invent the wheel on this one but when I've made them in the past, stuff has always slipped out the side of them.

To mitigate that I added a snap enclosure on the prevent that slippage from happening.  As it turns out snaps are just as easy (or easier) to add to paper crafts as they are to clothing.  Who knew?!

The decorative front side was fun to make as well!  The cut a-part paper was one of my favorites this time.  With the busy background, I knew the gold 'princess' sticker would get lost, so the black and white tag really came in handy!

And don't forget not everything deserves to make it into the waste bin.  I used a discarded paper punch piece to place in the front of the snap for decoration too!

Thanks again for joining me here today!