MICRO Happy Notes Set UP | Travel Wallet

 Below are all the updated but if you'd like to see the original video set up, Here ya go!!

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I've wanted an all-in-one planner and wallet for sometime. A Pocket TN or an A6 rings were always lingering in my large purse for quite some time.

An then I found the Micro Happy Planner or what they are described on in the interweb as the Happy Planner Notes!

Originally this planner is supposed to be just simple blank note pages with 4 disks and a laminated cover but OH ME OH MY it can be so much more than that.  Let me show you what I've done.

I picked up this notes from my local Joann's (and no Michael's does not carry them, nor AC Moore or Hobby Lobby).  Apparently this is their second launch of this size of planner but I choose this Tropical Vibes cover with HOT PINK disks to make summer feel a whole lot hotter!

Right behind the cover I choose a large quote sticker from the Amy Tangerine 'Be Happy Box' to be my dashboard and focal point of the front of my planner.

Annie Plans Printables makes some fantastic inserts that you can use right along side of the ones the HP Notes provides, so I picked out this 2020 calendar and printed it out on vellum.  The airy feeling and texture of it lends itself well to the whole summer vibe thing.  I know I have a hot cocoa wrapped mug but it still gets pretty chilly at night here in Erie, PA:)

I did make a charm out of extra jewelry making parts.  By slipping it through the rings and dangles below the pages, it doesn't effect the pages turning at all!

Because I made dividers by laminating acetate, it lends itself very well to layering!  On Top, underneath, on the back side...so many options to give your planner some dimension without the bulk!

And speaking of dividers, these are all 3 x 4 with a 1/4 inch tab so relatively speaking, they are pretty tiny. But I did have stickers in my stash that work perfectly even in that small space!

And in that small space you'd think that there wouldn't be a ton of room to ACTUALLY plan.  Think again!  Of course writing multiple timed events in one small 3/4 inch space is challenging even after a number sticker is put in there too,  It's pretty manageable!  I even had enough space on the right side bar, where we are supposed to put the month in, to house a no spend tracker for July.

After this Happy Daya insert, I stuck a couple of her sample sheets right after!  This is the perfect size to use and store all those sampler sheets we have lying around!

Postcards can be cut down like in the instance of this Mommy Lhey unicorn superhero!!  

A trimmed bookmark, some washi and a couple of die cuts make a very easy and cute divider or bookmark.

One of my favorie spots in all the planner...Those guys are so cute hanging out there!  And that bright pink cabachon really makes the planner pop with color too!

Lots of layers!

I love how this little guys works hard for me, taking notes so I can head to the store without forgetting something! (mostly)

I could even do some Disney planning!!!

And don't forget to decorate the inside and backside cover with washi tape. It's a great way to spruce up the inside with no long term effects of damage.

And speaking of the cover!  I found this at Staples in the clearance bin. (here is the deets on that: Eccolo  World Traveler @2018 Travel Wallet ST902L barcode: 826635199441)  Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere online, but it is perfect with a zippered pocket to hold credit cards, change and money!

I REALLY enjoyed putting this together! 

Thanks for stopping buy everyone!!!


Master Template | the all purpose template for all size planners

So I created the perfect template to ensure you are set for setting up your planners on the go! 

 A lot of time I want to grab my kit and hit the road and craft when I'm on vacation or just at the coffee shop just down the road.  But then I have to get my paper's out, cut then down to size, package everything back up and then head out the door. Hopefully this will solve not just mine but your set up conundrum as well!

Master Template
Everysize is measured from the bottom right corner and as long as you line that up on any piece of paper in any orientation, you will have perfectly sized and straight planner dashboards, dividers and insert covers!

You can CLICK on the image above to have an instant download OR Go to the FREE TEMPLATES section of my website to see this and all the other templates that I have done for you!

If I didn't include your size planner, leave a comment below and I will get one done for you too!
Enjoy and I hope that you love it!

May Set Up in my Standard TN | usingmMommy Lhey

Hello there!  Glad you can join me in another set up process with my standard travelers notebook.  This month I will be using the April Mommy Lhey Little Bits Box for my May decoration. 

I used the acetate sheet a base for some fussy cut butterflies.  The kit came with gold foiled butterfly vellum which I thought would look great as a grouping as my front insert cover.  To finish them off, I added some butterfly die cuts, also folding them in half and adhering them only on their bodies so there would be movement and texture as I first open my planner.

In the front inside cover I made a couple tags for holding my place as I flip back and forth. I had one butterfly left and had to add it on the tag as well.

The kit came with a sticky notepad with this floral top.  I cut off 6 tops and layered them at the bottom of the woodgrain double sided paper to create a garden grove for her to walk in.  This was such an easy cover to put together!  There is definitely power in numbers!

Putting the off cuts of the previous insert sideways on this cover, I tried to mimic stair steps.  An then the tabs and flags in a structured pattern add to the ordered array.  The 'plus' signs break up the structure to soften the hard lines of the cover.

This insert cover with butterflies, flowers and sequins was included in the kit and definitely makes me smile as I'm flipping around! 

As simple cover with the floral and rain boot theme takes just a few minutes to put together.  All it is is a discard from an insert cover trim, 3 die cuts and 2 washi stickers.  

I did add a tiny piece of rick-rack to the gold foiled tag:)

I'm pretty sure I say this each time, but this has been one of my prettiest front covers I have made in a while!  It just screams SPRING!!!

If you are wanting a process video of this, You ARE IN LUCK!!
Here is the link!


Standard Travelers Notebook Set-up | Mommy Lhey March Little Bits Box

I've been looking forward to this kit for weeks once I saw the bright pinks and florals, I couldn't wait to dive in!  Since I had a casserole in the oven, I needed to get this set up done quick!  It took me an hour to get the majority of it finished!  Let's talk about what I got done!

Starting right here on the front inside cover I made two tags.  The larger tag is made from the dashboard card with the content description along with two cast off pieces of paper from when I trimmed the 4 insert covers.  The smaller tag is adhered by a glue dot on top of a piece of washi.  That way when I am ready to change out my planner it doesn't harm the surface at all :)

As you can probably tell by now I like using by extra cut off bits to make decorations.  These fussy cut flowers are no different.  There was also hearts in between the florals which I used a small circle punch to used them.  

This next insert cover grows on me every time I look at it more.  As a base, I used the pink rainbow paper and added a scrap strip of pink graphic paper with a torn edge, for texture.  On top of that I have a fussy cut the rest of those gems out and placed them around the page.  Surprisingly, what was left after I cut those gems out were these stars with a shape outline that looked like constellations!  Why not add them to the mix along with a couple full box stickers.  

This last insert cover is covered in those beautiful florals. I used a piece of  packaging as a base for Blossom to ride her car on and added some foiled washi strips from the kit stickers to finish off this simple cover!

On the opposite side, I cut a slit in the pink paper and slipped half of the sticky notes through the slot for an easy mid planner place to jot things down!

I do have some Free Templates on this blog which could be a great help if you are new to planning in a Travelers Notebook or even new to this Standard Size.
(Click on Each Picture Below to Direct Download)

If you are interested in seeing me in action, I did do a process video on how I made each element as well as a final flip through once it was all put together!
 (Click Video Below)

Happy Creating Everybody!!


Wallet Set Up - My Everyday Carry | Kinleighs Doodles Box

I love using a pocket size TN as a wallet.  It houses my money (obviously), a calendar and a notes page to keep me on the go fresh!

With this set up, I used January's Kinleighs Doodles Box.  So full of all things winter!  This house fondly reminds me of my Grandparents farm in South Dakota!

Instead of sticky notes this month, she included a cute now and later note pad!

I also made an accordion pocket for my Travelers Notebook!  If you are wondering how to do that I put the template for FREE on my Templates tab up top! ( I also showed you how to do it on the YT video I linked at the end of this post:)

I thought it would be fun to have a cluster of cool kit die cuts on the top of this insert cover.  The turned down corners was one my favorite parts as well!

My back pockets are a place to hold some die cuts!

One of the dashboard inserts I made.  I added some crayon markings for steam coming out of the mug!  The top was ripped and then I faced it with the kit's plaid to accent it :)

I hope you enjoy the set up video Linked above!  It certainly makes chilly winters a bit more palitable having a pretty planner to work with!

Thanks for joining me and don't forget to check out the FREE Templates!