Freckled Fawn | March Kit | A Week In My Life

I have recently switched over my "to-go" calendar to be housed in my Freckled Fawn Travelers Notebook.  There is a week overview and each day has it's own timed daily in these inserts which makes it really fun to deck out my planner!

Using the March kit, I've done the whole week exploration style with the wonderful mapped arrows and bright orange washi tape.  

I loved the abundance of tag stickers and used them along the spine to house the big boys practice schedule.

On the next page I used that arrow washi and doubled it up on the bottom of the page.  Gives it a little grounding and dimension with it in two layers.  I have also cut  the square in half and placed it on the edges of the column for focus on some FF to-do's.

The large puffy stickers add a bit of bold pop along with the arrow bleeds to house more list making.

I again used some sticker bleeds in combination to the regular tags and arrows.  

Cutting the single piece of washi into columns made the design very different, don't you think?

And for my weekend vibes, I used the wood veneer frames but cut off the frame part.  I did rub each piece with brown stamp ink to disguise the natural cut marks.

With the arrows directing focus on the tasks at hand, how could I be lead astray.

Thank for joining me today here on the blog!

Hi there!

Not to long ago I was thinking....Can I plan for the whole month using only 1 Freckled Fawn Kit?


What I mean is that I also received a 2 additional items from the planner kit: the pretty paper stickers and the puffy border stickers.  

Planner kit
Embellishment kit

BUT,  I did not use the wood veneer heart or one of the vellum phrase sheets.  So it kind of evened out!

After I set up the front of the divider, I jazzed up the back.

Then I used the borders between the washi strips  to underline the header for each mission.  Then using the foiled epoxy speckled hearts ,  I created a tab for the month.

When it came to the month spread, I used a scalloped shape to nestle those button stickers in. I also used the leftover backing sheet from the glitter chipboard stickers to create stencil and make headers or my banner flags on three of the days.

For this week I did a plan with me video, that you are more than welcome to enjoy.  I used the stencil one again to create the feathers this time to denote the weekend.

To mimic a notes section I divided off Monday to use it as such and then filled in with other ephemera to balance the spread.

I'm not sure why I've never tried this but I did section off each day with the washi strip borders.  It really is a great use for those last little bits of kit!

The next week I just did two corners of washi on Monday and Friday to balance out the week.

The notes and rambling section is sectioned off to help designate categories I will use.  Meeting notes, the month ahead thoughts and meal planning ideas are a great way to not waste that extra space in your planner.

Lastly, the focus page where I have layed out monthly goals and created daily habits. I may not have a focus for the month, but I really like the way this pretty little corner turned out to be.

I do have a walk through on my You Tube Channel where I talk more in depth about this monthly project.  It is also embedded below!  

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Freckled Fawn | January Notes and Ramblings

Ah January.....A time when all things are refreshed and brand new!  This kit is chocked full of fabulous colors and sentiments which are perfect for this time of everyone's life.

Using my A5 Inkwell Press notes pages I assembled some of those goals and monthly thoughts.  The numbered journal card, I used as a date reminder for some important things that are happening this month. 

Here I cut a journal card on a diagonal and stapled it to another.  It makes a fun pocket for those fab wood veneers.  The 'hi' paperclip became 'hi-ghlights' for January.  We can have a little fun in your planners right?!?

As I transition to the other side,  I have taken the hexagon stickers and cut out just the bleed from the printer to create a fun trailing effect.

And I even played with the circle bleeds too to create a fun to-do face. 

I cut up a journal card for another project and saved the scraps to go along the rings here.  I also thought the felt heart ribbon would look awesome attached to a huge paper clip on either side of the rings.

The puffy stickers add some dimension to the layout as well as with those enamel triangles.  And you can't miss the graphic 2017 stapled in there as well...brilliant and fresh design by AesaLina here!

I sincerely hope 2017 greets with delight, renewal and clarity!


November Month | Freckled Fawn Planner Kit

Hey there!

I just got this planner with a total neutral palette because I knew the Freckled Fawn Planner Kits would look fantastic in it!

Every planner girl loves some paperclips but make them DIY...even better!
These puffy stickers double over and go onto the clips but I couldn't stop at just one per clip I had to add three!  More is better, right?!

I circled Thanksgiving Day on this monthly view in the teal alpha stickers that came with the kit and cut out the coordinating wood grained journal card to accent it too.

Again more lists and puffy coffee mugs too!

On this side I did something a little different.  I cut up the pouch the kit came in and made a divider to hold more to do lists.

After cutting it to size, I lined the edge with the silver washi tape and punched just like anything else I would insert in.

The pouch is perfect to add because it is see through but adds just the right amount of color and pattern to your layout too!

I couldn't help but add more coffee cups....

...and more floral accents and alphas!

The other side of the divider has some more red accents with the matching 'memories' sticker and red striped coffee cup!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Muwah!

Freckled Fawn | October Planner Kit | Pockets and Personalization


 It's October and another Freckled Fawn Pouch with it's detailed goodies have hit my mailbox!

For all of 2016 I pledged to always use my kit for the monthly view and this time it was no exception!  As soon as I saw that trio of little puffy sticker houses, I knew that those would be perfect to showcase my eldest's Homecoming festivities!

Using the add on Journal Cards, I made simple pocket for some home keeping lists of chores that need to get done this month.  Larger cleaning and outdoor projects as well as leaf collection notes nestle so adorably in  the wide open space on the left side of the calendar.

Adding a little bit of detail buy using parts of the quilted plus card balances the whole layout out!

So glad you stopped by today and hope that it gave you some inspiration on just how I use one of my favorite colored kit to date!