To be frank, 2008 sucked for us as a family. I will always remember this year for its struggles and not so much for the wonderful times we had. It's very unfortunate to think of the glass half empty but I'm not going to paint a rosy picture if it is gray! But I have hope for 2009. I hope I can use those challenges we faced as stepping stones that I can use for years to come. As everyone has their roundup of 2008, I'd prefer to look forward rather than back.

2009 will be filled with a serious shift in a job for me. I'll be teaching art quilting, fabric modification or whatever you'd call it a lot more. I'm very excited to finally be able to share my passion for fabric to many more people.
Although being a teacher is great I love to be a student as well. I get to enjoy my favorite teacher, Pamela Allen, at Road to California in January. IQA - Chicago in April (if I can convince my husband), Minnesota Quilters in June and that is just half the year!
So I salute to you, dear readers to a wonderful, fiber filled 2009! Off into the sunset I go...

P.S. Good luck with the knitting, you know who you are. Thanks for passing that on, Mom!

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