I had a great time last night with the Mom's Group! They are such a diverse and devoted group of women. Second to their unconditional love, they are best known for their truthfulness (a quality we need in girlfriends, right?!) Many were cajoling me about my intimidating presence. Hello, it's me were talking about! Yes I'm honest, have red hair and like to wear nice cloths, but does that make me intimidating??! I always thought I was approachable, sincere, and sweet. I know for sure that I'm a food snob, particular and candid ( just to name a few). That comment took me by surprise. I'm not by any means hurt by their words, because it's not like they meant I was The Terminator, not that kind of intimidating. They mean a distant, aloof type of intimidating.

I really am very thankful for their candor. I wish we could all know something about ourselves we didn't know before. A girlfriend doesn't need to say " Wow, your putting on some pounds" or "Your hair looks greasy today, didn't you shower?". I already know those things for myself. Something other than "Your sweet" or "great outfit" would work. Something that get right to the heart of the matter.

We have these affirmation jars where when we get together we write encouraging notes to the other people in the group so if they are having a bad day, we can pull one of these slips out and we are instantly perked up by their comments. I am always thankful for those small bits of paper. Even if they do take me by surprise!

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