Bookmark #2

The collaboration that goes on between artists amazes me!

Liz and the staff, from Articulture are the ones who suggested I make a bookmark which I made and posted a few days ago. Yesterday I delivered more product to their shop, told her about the book mark and that it would be sold for $7. She was fine with that but also envisioned something simpler and more affordable like the $2.50 book thong. (which actually is selling very well, only 4 left). Here is what I came up with. It has a combination of the book thong beads and the art of the textile fringe. I was worried that the knot in the middle would hinder the book closing but it seemed to work just fine! Next time I will use 2 sided fabric so it will be seamless and instead of the stitching on both ends, I'll just knot it.

They have suggested so many things that can be tweaked either to make a more versatile product or more user friendly. Two brains are better than one!
Note: After I posted, I did a little more exploring and decided to twist and stich down the middle to add a little more visual interest. Still, I love the knots so I will keep that!

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  1. Hello! I'm on holiday expedition from the feeling stitchy blog. That tree skirt you told about sounds like a beautiful tradition! I'm sure it will bring you lots of good memories in many years to come.

    Interesting bookmark. I like how the texture plays along the line and sort of stays together with the beads.



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