The next Holiday!

I hate to jump the gun a bit but seeing all of the Valentine stuff in the stores (while Christmas clearancing) reminds me that there isn't much time, that holiday always creeps up on me. By the time I get the holiday decorations down and put away, whammo Happy February! So today I embarked on a cute craft idea. Obviously, I'm into totes right now. Everything I do is tote related. Mommy ones, Daddy ones and whee little baby totes like this one. I bought the felt tote itself from Target with some really bad ribbon and dirty felt for $.25 , yes a quarter and assumed I could do better than the sweatshop children in China, poor things.

All the felt and stitching was done by moi. I think it turned out pretty well for a one hour project. Now only 6 more to go!
Tote size is about 6" square with a round flat bottom.

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  1. Anonymous5:22:00 PM

    Thats pretty damn cute!!


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