"What is that?"

I was asked that question this week by a prospective customer.

I've been busy making bracelets and crayon bags for two local vendors. They are keeping me very busy and I haven't had much time to do any other projects. :( You may have seen the crayon bags here in a recent blog so I won't bore you with those details again. But since I'm immersed head to toe in these projects I'll give you a very brief tutorial on the bracelets.
Here are the supplies:
1.lightweight card stock
2. paint ( neopaque and lumiere)
3. stamps for the paint
4. 2 Self-Laminating sheets
5. fabric (1/2 inch strips)
6. elastic band
7. Crafters "The Ultimate"Glue
8. beading thread
9. beading needle
10. beads
11. 1/16" hole punch
12. scissors
13. paper cutter


1. paint paper

2. Laminate paper
3. cut paper in 3/4 inch strips
4. cut paper into 3/4 inch pieces with rounded corners
5. punch hole in paper pieces
6. wrap elastic band with fabric
7. alternate 4 beads, paper piece, 4 beads, 1/4 inch all around fabric wrapped elastic band.

Here is the finished product! (Not the same paper or fabric but you get the point)

Here's where I skipped the painting part and went straight to a old children's book. Same principals though.

I saw a picture in Sherrill Kahn's Creative Embelishments book with very, very little description about the bracelet. After about 50 now, I have it down to a science. The reason I made this tutorial so vague is that I want you to put your spin on this project and make it yours!

Entry was originally posted on 12/14/08

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