...(big sigh)... Looking at the samples I made for my last set of hair clips made me want to give up on this project completely. I wasn't very happy with them and I didn't like how they photographed. And if something doesn't look good in a picture, there is something wrong (besides my photography skills). So I pressed on and come up with this...
The center two hearts are commercial pre-cut felt but the true red one is by my own hand. I'll make them with and without and see what I like best. Just wanted to get used to the layering.

The back... I was asked to have several options of clips available so I purchased in addition to my regular hair clips, alligator clips, traditional lapel pins and what I call "roller" pins (to hold hot rollers in your hair). The first two alternatives are easy to work with but the "roller" pins I found it difficult with their massive amount of (tacky) aluminum visible.
Here is the back of one of the "roller" clips. I added Velcro to the inside so it would actually stay in a child's hair. I'm still not so sure about working with these (they look so cheep).
Sorry for the back to back hair pin posts, my angst needed to be vented!
Great week coming up: Kids back to school (you can't see but I'm jumping up and down), Three new teaching jobs, one Velcro sheet project (more on that later) and product due to stores on Wednesday. It feels great to be off vacation!!

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  1. Kim, I have a roller clip hair clip that I love... remind me and I will show it to you!!!
    Thanks for trying the roller clips..
    I'll take one!! :) Hope you are smiling.


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