Campus Connections Part 1

Today and every Thursday for the next 6 weeks I get to showcase the wonderful work of the 3rd and 4th graders I'm teaching! They are learning about Quilting, Art Quilting to be specific and how enthusiastic they were today. Listening intently as I explained the history of Quilts, their purpose, materials and the elements of art. Sounds like a lot but trust me they will retain a lot of this. I use a lot of visuals to help explain what I'm doing. Plus I'm a little goofy and what kid doesn't like a goofy adult!
Most of the pictures below were taken less than 10 min from beginning. They work fast!

They learned the difference between background and detail fabric.
"'s behind the detail"

Our quilt theme is either food or family. Every student interprets this differently. Could be a solo picture of an item or incorporated into a much larger scene. I love their untamed imaginations!
Every piece of material will be stitched down by hand!

Fabric to pick from....heaven!
Be back next week with more insight and pictures on how we are learning to quilt!
Caregivers: Of course I can't explain everything we did today but you understand some things must be shared between the students and their someone special! I'm just here to get the ball rolling. Don't forget to ask questions of your wee one!
Students: If I didn't get a chance to take a picture of your quilt, no worries, I'll bring my camera next week!

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