I'm green(er)!

6 months ago our cloths washing machine broke. We had a friend who had an extra, oddly same make and model.

Last week our dryer died...

Knowing the cost savings from electricity and water we plunged into the land of high efficiency. The outright expense was painful but we did get a 15% rebate from the store and then our city also has a rebate program.

There was a floor model electric dryer on supper-duper clearance and all we had to do is buy the washer and the stand as well. My wonderful husband installed a "220" electricity, whatever that is, because our old dryer was gas.

I am so happy... It's quiet and fast!!!

I, yes me , installed a water heater blanket and hot water pipe insulators that same day.

Yeah Earth!!!

I promise to post more projects this week before I head to the Road to California on Thursday. I can't wait to learn ( and be warm)!!!

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