Join my parents in ANTARCTICA!

My 64 year old parents are avid travelers. They have been to 6 of 7 Continents since their first expedition in 1994 to Israel. Usually they travel by themselves around 6 weeks by backpack, making their own itinerary by reading "The Rough Guides" and "Rick Steves Travels" as a starting point. They did use a travel company to guide them through parts of Africa and also on their current expedition to ANTARCTICA. I'm still having a tough time rapping my head around it! They are finally making their trip to the last Continent.

They are on the National Geographic Endeavor which left the port of Ushuaia, Argentina on Sunday. We are lucky enough that there is a blog set up by National Geographic for various naturalists to explain what is going on and what they see on the expedition. You can follow along on their almost two week journey here. It looks as though they will update at least every other day.

Here is an excerpt from the first blog entry posted yesterday:

For students of Antarctic exploration and Shackleton buffs, this is hallowed
ground. The thread of history connects us today. Eight thousand miles away the
nation’s capitol is immersed in the presidential inauguration. In the lounge of
the National Geographic Endeavour, through the magic of satellite, we hear our
new leader’s address to the world. As the speech concludes we get our first
views of Antarctica and complete our day by cruising the shore where 93 years
ago, unable to contact the outside world, brave men waited for their leader to
bring them home.

Just Amazing!!

Of all the exploring my parent have made to Tanzania, China, New Zealand, Denmark, just to name a very few, this one takes my breath away. You can hop on a plane to the south of France but who can say they have been to Antarctica.

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