I lost my mojo and I want it back! I think it fell out of the car on the way to the grocery store or maybe it was while I was in the laundry room. Hopefully I didn't lose it cleaning the bathroom and might have accidentally flushed it down the toilet. Well if you see it, send it my way.

Maybe it got sick of me nagging it and ran away along with all those other rebel mojo's that are smoking by the railroad tracks. It must come back when it's ready to, but when... next week, next month. Dear God, don't make it next year!


I know of someone who got theirs back. Try her or her. I don't think she ever lost hers.

Be patient my mojo will be back... I have hope!


  1. Anonymous7:35:00 PM

    Mine is fickle, I think it might be seeing someone else on the side cos it's not always where I left it when I want it. I hope you find yours soon.

  2. That's it...it's cheating on me!


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