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No not tax time already, although, I'm not looking forward to the mound to paperwork!

I found these Canson (really nice) bound blank comic books in the clearance bin at Michaels and figured that they could use a little fabric love. The fabric came from my Mecca , Purl Patchwork Soho where I was lucky enough to visit last lovely spring. Who can't resist this anxiety ridden boxer, who reminds me of my anxiety ridden English Pointer, Mattie! The rectangle on the side is a remnant of painted laminated paper that I use for my necklaces and bracelets. A little raw edge sewing on sunny day! I made four of these and of course only have pictures of one ( and a half, another one is sitting on the right).
Now gratuitous pictures of "My Purl Heaven"

Love, Love, Love the simplicity of the wall decoration. Who doesn't have hoops sitting around!

Couldn't believe how narrow this place was! Ohhhhh the fabric!


The "clearance" basket from which I chose my treasures! I tend not to buy yardage anymore since I work on such small scale.

Unbenouced to me, Brenda snapped this one. Caught red handed!
I'll be back, Purl!

Entry was originally posted on 1/6/09.

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  1. Anonymous7:41:00 PM

    *sigh* the whole great city of New York and all I really want to do is go to a fabric store.


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