Birthday gifts

Precisely at 7:46 am this morning my eldest, who's 9th birthday is tomorrow, informs me that he "needs" to bring goodies to all his classmates to help celebrate his terribly important day.

Well, after 10 minutes of scrounging around we came up with pencils, notebooks and stickers for all 21 students! Knowing how much superfluous stuff we have makes me want to spend time in every drawer in the house, digging out! I wish I had time for pretty closures but time was of the essence so twist ties will have to do.

This sure helps with that first layer. All that and he was out the door at 8:11....Time for a coffee break...that or a Valium!

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  1. Tehehe kids timing sucks. But OMG enough for 21 kids? And the concept of giving others presents to celebrate his birthday is new to me.


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