Heart Day

When I woke up this morning my hubby was asking for a lot of help.

"Grab me the eggs, will ya?"

"Can you get a bowl for the eggs so I can scramble them?"

"I need a cup of coffee while your up"

"Defrost this!"

"Did Geoff send you that e-mail yet?"

"Toilet is plugged!"

"Is your cell phone dying again!?"
" Don't you have to finish that 'thing' for the 'thing'?"

Who knows how many more I will find today.
Infinitely better than those diamond earrings that I wasn't expecting anyway!
I Love You too, Honey Bunny!


  1. My darling could take a few notes from this! How sweet of him!

  2. It's taken almost 10 years of constant training but it's worth it!


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