Journal cover class

Look at the great designs done by my 3rd and 4th grade class doing marker print covers!

Here is a quick tutorial!

1.Lightly glue stick or white glue colored paper onto front of journal. Flip journal over to dry.

2. Draw design on Plexiglas with markers

3. Spray lightly with alcohol. 3 full squirts should do it (no more than 5 squirts) you should see immediate results with the marker bleeding

4. Place light colored paper on top of marker to make print.

5. Go back in for detail with marker.

6. Iron paper lightly to make it flat if you sprayed with too much alcohol and it starts to curl up.

7. Lightly glue stick print on top of journal.

Inspired by a project in Sherrill Kahn's Magic with Markers book.

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