Prep day

I feel like I'm spinning my wheels here. I jump from one project to the next without completing any of them so I must prioritize....

This weeks major to do list:
  1. Finalize COMPAS /WAITS application for teaching art quilting residencies in schools
  2. Make crayon bags, bracelets and rings for the Textile Center Shop Jury application
  3. Make messenger bag for the kids school fundraiser


  1. Application says "summarize your experience (artistically, teaching and other) and describing why you wish to work with children through this program."

My response, last part of very long paragraph 3:

Since beginning teaching professionally I have learned from each one of my experiences. Many situations relied on quick thinking and prior
experience to come up with a favorable outcome. Not every situation has afforded me the luxury of a perfect outcome but I believe those experiences have made me a better teacher.

See why I have to work on this... It's like vomit on paper!


2. Bags, Bracelets and Rings (oh my)!Crayon Bags: done!

I made a different "model" this time. The one on top is made for larger crayons so the littlest of budding artists can enjoy them too.

I started my painting of the paper I laminate for the bracelets. See here for tutorial. This time I added oil and chalk pastels to the line-up of materials I use to create the design on the paper

Ring tops are done for the most part. Just need to attach seam binding for the band. But I need to check inventory and pick the prettiest!


3. I made some with no pattern for Articulture in September and I am hoping I can recreate one without having to rip out all the mistakes I may make. Very similar to the artist sketch bag I made but bigger and no pencil pockets.

Only 3 days left to achieve this with three teaching jobs, two sick kids and a partridge in a pear tree!

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