Vacation part 2

On the way up the Gondola this morning, I was a little jealous of the people who were sipping Mimosas in that gorgeous hot hair balloon this morning. On the other hand I could be stuck at home in the dungeon (a.k.a. my studio).

No. 1 and I on the lift this morning!

No . 2 says "you can call me Mr. Ski Man now". At 6 years old, he went down his first black diamond today as a proud mama watched on (white knuckled and grimacing- and it wasn't him).

What they call "cords" here... the lines from the groomer vehicle wheels.

"Let's race".... Nana and I nixed that real quick.

I'm taking a workshop from Pat Speth on Saturday. She's the Nickel quilt lady, making traditional quilt blocks using a combination of whole and cut up 5" squares. It's not my first choice in quilting but I'm bound to learn something. More on that tomorrow!

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