Patchwork Purse Pouch

Coversation between Me, Myself and I

Me: "What should I do with these fabric scraps?"

Myself: " You could make a quilt?"

Me: "Are you kidding me? Let's add it to the 6 I already have unfinished!"

I: "How about giving them to your mother?"

Myself: "Doesn't she already have bins full of them?"

Me: "Yeah, let's not go there..."

Me: "I could add them to the bin for the art quilting kids"

I: "But don't they already have a bin too"

Me: "Screw it! I'll just go read the 300+ blog entries I have on Google Reader"

Myself: "Isn't that the coolest thing, saves so much time, all in one place!"

Me: "Aha! Look what Erleperle did with her scraps...."

I: "Perfect idea, but make it horizontal flap not a vertical one. I hate digging as much as you do"
Me: "No...I hate it more"

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  1. Anonymous4:58:00 AM

    It's always nice when the voices in your head agree on the same project, makes it that much easier :-) It's very stylish.


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