Spring Flowers

I wish, I wish these flowers were coming out of the ground! With another winter storm on it's way (currently raining which will turn into snow) I'm wondering if spring will ever come! March is still filled with snow storms up here but my sister explained she was wearing shorts in Atlanta yesterday. Oh my, I wish it was warm.

I've been teaching a lot lately which is always good, but my creative side has not been stretched for a while, hence the lack of significant posts. So yesterday I reworked a bunch of flower clips I'd been needing to rearrange and voila, spring flowers! Most of these will end up at Minnetonka Center for the Arts shop but I'm planning to save a few for Esty.

Maybe spring will come but I'm not holding my breath till then. I just will have to be content with other spring fancies.


  1. Anonymous6:53:00 AM

    We're having our first pre-winter cold snap of the year and I'm preparing for my annual winter sulk-fest. The second flower from the back flower on the right reminds me of a lily pad, it's cute.

  2. After all that heat you've had I'm surprised that its getting colder already! Isn't your big craft fair this weekend? Good luck!


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