Memory Quilt part 1

I've been doing memory quilts for a while and haven't ever shown you the process I use to design and construct one.

My current client, we'll call her Mrs. B, has requested a 54" x 74" quilt to be made from her daughters baby/ toddler cloths. She also requested that we make a wall hanging...but that's for another post...

After I receive the quilt contents I photograph all of them so that I may use them to design the quilt using a software program call EQ5. Not only does it give us a good visual representation of what we are trying to achieve but it gives the client piece of mind before I even touch the cloths.

Mrs. B and I have been e-mailing veraciously designing the quilt to be exactly what we want and here is what we have come up with!

The traditional block is called snowball. The corner sets will be an off white and the border and backing will be pale yellow. The placements of the blocks is not set. That will be decided once I can play with them up on the design wall.

Thanks Mrs. B! I'm having a blast!

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