Reaching Effects

How do we make our mark on the world? Cure cancer, fight hunger, world peace, right?!? Lofty goals are admirable and some people can actually think and do that big! Me, I'm happy the reaching effects that I can do, like teaching my love and passion for anything fiber. Its' not to say I don't have lofty goals and reach for them but I just wanted you to think today about your circle of influence. The things you do, people who you come in contact with every day can have a great impact on you and you can impact them!

Last night I got and e-mail from my sisters sister in-law, Meredith (catch that) , who sent me pictures that she took at the Rodeo and Livestock Show in Houston I wanted to share them with you. I got me thinking about how 10 years ago before I started quilting and before I met Meredith I didn't even give a thought to how fabric was joined together, stitched and cared for and what that final quilt means to its maker. Maybe it was because I was in the throngs of my 20's and was too self absorbed to notice the meaning behind actions, but I care now. These quilts and every single one that has ever been made has love in it. Love of the time it took to make it , love of the skill, love of the quilter, it's recipient. I think this is why we craft quilts, pure love!


  1. Anonymous3:45:00 AM

    Oh my GOODNESS!! They are proof that their makers love quilting! Stunning work!

  2. I'm glad your fair went well! I think I'm going to make a couple crowns inspired by yours. So cute!


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