Memory Quilt part 2

Mrs. B has been waiting oh so patiently for me to get some progress made on the memory quilt for her daughter. As posted here I talked about the design process and how we are putting together our quilt.
Now its' time to start prepping the fabric for construction. Mrs. B washed and organized the cloths into groups since were are making a wall hanging after the quilt. I've taken those groups and put them into tubs for safe keeping in my studio.
After taking pictures of each of them, I cut with fabric scissors, no rotary cutters in this step, and figure out what would look best for our quilt square. A lot of her cloths have some great details like pockets, ruffles, embroidery that I like to incorporate but sometimes bulky seams get in the way so I have to be creative. You'd think that this step I could whizz through but one space out with the scissors can make my job a lot harder down the road.

Luckily I have a 6.5 inch ruler that helps in the planning process trying to figure out if a space is going to be large enough for a 6 inch finished block.

I always have a time log and picture of the quilt hanging up in front of me!
There are some items that I don't really want to cut...
Look at the hand embroidery and lace on this one.
Following the manufactures directions I use a sheer weight fusible interfacing on the back of each rough cut square section. This ensures the edges of the block won't get all "wonky" and stretched out when I sew them together. Anything that has the littlest bit of give gets interfaced.

Now I can trim them to their final 6.5 inch square.

One done, only 107 left to go!

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