MNCQ QWASOH... (what?)

Sounds like I'm inventing my own Minnesota rare summer time outdoor squash game, doesn't it! It actually stands for Minnestoa Contemporary Quilters: Quilts with a Sense of Humor. Now you understand why we abreviated it! Every year as part of the Minnesota Quilters Show our group has a special exibit with quilts based on a theme.

After knowing the challenge,what I was going to do and stewing on the concept for many, many, (did I say many) months, I thought since it was due on Friday last week that I should begin it on Wednesday 2 days prior. (I've been known to procrastinate).

Here is my process.

Warning...Scarry Picture Below!

Yes..that is my mouth! Two things come to mind. One. Less coffee and red wine. Two. Bleach!

If you must know yes I did mean to put lipstick on wrong.

I can not draw from memory but I can draw from sight. Hense the pic.

With a crayon I did free hand draw a mouth on a piece of off-white muslin ( 18"x 24").

Then using my clorox bleach pen, I discharged the areas where my teeth are.

Painted the lips.

Painting the face and inside of mouth.

Don't forget the spinich!

I suppose it's not complete without a zit and a hair or two. Painted them as well.

You get it, a painted whole cloth. Then I heavily quilted it. Of course I don't have a final picture of it because I was running out the door looking for a dowel to hang it with. I will take a picture when it's hanging in Duluth for the show. When I choose my concept I didn't think about my mouth hangging up for all the "world" to see. It will be traveling around the country, big teeth and all.

It's title is "How do I look?

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