Eden Prairie Art Center

After teaching in communities surrounding my home town I am pleased to announce that the Eden Prairie Art Center opened this spring.

Today was the first day of Art Quilting. Since I have 10 hours to teach this class I've enhanced the curriculum to fit the great time frame. Instead of just using commercial fabric we made our own.

We started off with sun printing! Using only the primary colors the students, 9-12, made some gorgeous fabric out of plain old muslin!

Great definition!

Here she is starting her marker printing. With magic markers and sharpies we drew on plexi-glass, sprayed it with alcohol and printed our design to compliment our sun prints.

Instead of using commercial stamps we made our own using yarn cardboard, glue buttons and leaves! Then brainstormed for other recycled items we could use.

Then we learned two more techniques with oil pastels and acrylic paint. A shrill of excitement came when I agreed when asked if they could paint with their hands. I love kids!

Entry was originally posted on 7/13/09.

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