Fabric...of course!

Baring client and class purchases I vowed not to buy any fabric for personal use or Etsy products for a year. It wasn't written in stone, didn't sign a contract but I really wanted to use down the "small" stash I have. Compared to other quilters I have nothing...

But last week I needed to make a bunch of crayon bags and was totally uninspired with what fabric I had. I spent more time trying to put combinations together than actually making them. I had to go to Blue Bamboo for a client and just happened to purchase $40 dollars worth of fabric to get inspired again. I've only used a couple prints so far but they are on the cut ting table waiting to be used. Modern florals were the order of the day. Westminster Fabrics....Love Kaffe Fawcett!

Here is one of the bags now on sale in my etsy shop!

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