I've been on "vacation" for exactly a week but it's not quite over yet. From Minnesota you'd think that Wyoming is crazy far away, well after a 13 hour drive it's not! The drive across South Dakota in it's flat, boring, nothingness leads way to a wonderful and enchanting wilderness. It never ceases to amaze me the majestic beauty. Yes, I'm a little heavy on the adjectives but really...The West rocks!

I've been touring a bunch of historic houses in the area all of which I've been too before. Can't get enough of them. The craftsmanship and the amount of money needed to build them at that time is astounding. Plus they had to ship everything from either the East Coast or over the Rocky Mountains from CA.
One of these "summer homes" is Trails End Historic Site in Sheridan WY.

This arctitectually Flemish Revival home is beautiful!

Carriage house with a bright red modern day horseless carriage.

This reminds me of a magnolia tree but I have no clue what it is. Who cares...its gorgeous!

Love the way the light fixture makes the shadow on the ceiling.

Vibrant wallpaper in the coat closet!

This is the Bradford Britton House. They are (finally) starting on a book about this museum. Basically it is a art museum in a house. Remington, Russel and all other Western artists abound!

( 28 sec. video of Trail End and Bradford Britton)

Bad Blackberry picture from my in-laws house. I love sitting out on the deck!

What 4th celebration wouldn't be complete without a few fireworks pictures. I loved playing with camera settings this time. The cool effects are going to inspire some free-motion quilting designs.

~Happy vacation everyone~

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