Extreme Couponing!

Who doesn't love to save money?!?! I've been following a couple blogs that don't deal with fiber arts ( yes, shock and awe) that deal with how to get the most for your money with groceries and beauty products. This one blogger has a budget of $800 a YEAR for groceries and toiletries for her family of 5. Are you kidding? I spend that much a month and I use coupons too! She tells you about internet coupons, special promotions, reward points card coupons and how to use them on a frequent basis to lower your bills. This is the other blogger.

Now as I have professed before here there are a few difference between the regions north and south of the Maison-Dixon Line. I don't have unlimited double coupons, I don't have cellfire (coupons sent to your phone ), a rewards card with coupons linked to it. As extreme as couponing can get up here in the North I can get double coupons if I spend $25 and I can only have 5. Humph....
Last week I played the check out game...4 different orders each spending $25 before coupons. I ended up with all these groceries for $90 which includes Office Max ($10 inkjet refill) and Target run. I was pretty proud of myself!

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