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Heather said...
I have two boys in school this year and their favorties are tuna, which can make a HUGE mess and PB&J. I saw your site off of Jane4Girls $800 Annual. I have never heard of these before and am keeping my fingers crossed that I can win to try these out!!!Heather

Mrs. M said...
Our favorite lunch is pita pockets with hummus and fresh veggies (we are vegetarians). Cut up veggies instead of chips, and fruit. I would love to test and see how these work with fresh foods. I am sooo tired of plastic. We don't want too many plastic containers, because dd has to haul lunch around with her in her backpack all day. UGH!



  1. OMG I won...How cliche to say that I never win anything...but I never win anything! :) What do I do now?? Heather

  2. Email me your mailing address

    with your color choice pictured above.


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