Testing, Testing...

Friends of Friends are great, aren't they? Last year I said yes (of course) when they were purging and wanted to get rid of a huge box of Hot Air Balloon Fabric-aka. Ripstop Nylon!

Thrilled yet confused about how to use this awesome stuff it sat in the studio for over a year until I got my light bulb moment.
I wanted to make a reusable shopping bag that I could fit in a small purse and would hold a ton! I placed 6 jars of spaghetti sauce in this bag hung it on the door for 24 hrs. Seams stayed intact and when I put it through the washing machine, it came out the same as it went in.
Test one...Check!
Here is how small it gets when put in its own attached pocket.
Product number 2: Reusable baggies!
My kids aren't in school yet so we haven't tried the true test but I did my best to simulate the ultimate messy sandwich.
I made a really icky peanut butter and jelly sandwich and placed it in my new reusable sandwich baggie. Built in the same style as a fold over sandwich bag it was put to the test.

I didn't think it goobered enough so I smeared it with extra
PB and J.

Washing in the dishwasher went well. Just turned it inside out.

I got so addicted to making these I made a trifecta: Sandwich bag (6 x 6 x 1), a chips bag (5 x 6 x 3) that folds over onto Velcro and a smaller version (3 x 6 x 2) that would be awesome for pretzels or Goldfish.
BTW (h x l x w)

Can you believe the color choices?!?! Not only is there black but also black with silver on the other side and a gold one too!
Besides my sister who is getting a set to do her own product testing, I want to giveaway two more sets in honor of my 100th blog posting (which won't happen until next week but who's counting!). All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your kids (or your own) favorite portable lunch. I will close the comments on Tuesday at 11:59pm and I will ship internationally because I know you eat lunch too! Plus you get to pick the colors of your bags!
Good luck and happy lunching!


  1. My favorite is called a walking salad, You core and apple and cover 1 end with Peanut butter then put raisins or chocolate chips in the middle and plug the other end with more Peanut butter. I lived on these when I was a kid!

  2. My kids like a simple cheese and bread sandwich! Thanks!

  3. Wow! Looks great! I love to make just plain PB sandwhiches for my son (he's never been big on jelly). With that he gets cut up fruit, a piece of biscotti, and a drink. Maybe chips if I have them.

  4. You guys are making me hungry. I should have brought a snack to the soccer field today.But after I ate all the broken biscotti bits from the double chocolate batch I finished this morning, I thought I could make it till dinner. Not today!

  5. I have two boys in school this year and their favorties are tuna, which can make a HUGE mess and PB&J. I saw your site off of Jane4Girls $800 Annual. I have never heard of these before and am keeping my fingers crossed that I can win to try these out!!!

  6. Our favorite lunch is pita pockets with hummus and fresh veggies (we are vegetarians). Cut up veggies instead of chips, and fruit. I would love to test and see how these work with fresh foods. I am sooo tired of plastic. We don't want too many plastic containers, because dd has to haul lunch around with her in her backpack all day. UGH!

  7. They should be great with fresh foods. They are easy to clean out and it's waterproof. I've turned the samples inside out and washed them in the dishwasher every time I run a load (which seems like twice a day) and in between it sits on the sunny windowsill to dry. It takes about an hour. Once the testing phase is over and I get some feedback on how they work, I'll sell them in my Etsy shop. What I was thinking is packs of 4. Three seems not enough with 2 kids and 2 lunches every day. That way there would be a good rotation. What do you think? Should it be packs of 8?

  8. Packs of 4 would be enough for 1 kid, 1 sandwitch, 2 chip and 1 small snack. Could you do both? What about packs of 4 (for a single child)) and packs of 8 (for 2 kids)?

    These would be great! We homeschool but often have to pack a lunch for our different activities. I hope I win some!

  9. Good Point! There is no reason I couldn't sell them that way. I just want to be realistic with the way they are packaged.

    I do have to correct myself, they are not water proof, just water resistant. So I wouldn't go and dump applesauce in one of these.

  10. These sound great. we have two kids in school and they love cream cheese and bagels, or pb and J roll ups. then I add in some fruit or veggies and some crackers or chips

    thanks for the giveaway

    Sarah P

    ser0408 at hotmail dot com

  11. I hope it's not too late to enter the giveaway (though I do realize it's after Tuesday). These sound amazing!!! I pack my husband's lunch everyday and hate using so much plastic, but my homemade bread won't fit in the reuseable "sandwich" containers. His favorite portable lunch is a ham and cheese sandwich on my homemade wheat bread. When (or if) you decide to sell these, would you please post it? Thanks!!!


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