"I'm Hungry!"

My boys are always asking me "What's for Dinner?"

And the last thing they say to me while tucked in bed at night is "What's for Breakfast?"

I cannot keep them fed enough. I had heard that this happens with boys, constant eating, standing at the fridge eating, whining when there is nothing to eat in sight but it didn't hit home until recently. They are "Mad Hungry"! And when I saw this book, "Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys" and read "you should never be without bacon" I knew the author was my kind of cook!

To combat so many meal related questions, I've turned the side of my fridge into food central. My youngest calls it, "Mom's Diner" (which it really seems to be) always thinking of the next meal to prepare. It describes every meal, every sauce, every side dish (but sadly, from their point of view, not dessert) for the entire week. Unannounced to them, tucked away I have a monthly calendar which has meals on it for the next month. Our Elk, yes we are related now, which my husband killed, oh...i mean harvested, this fall just came to live in our freezer wrapped in beautiful white and labels paper. All of this means my freezer, affectionately call it the coffin, is FULL!

These are from my mothers recipe box, baby bella stuffed mushrooms I served on New Years Eve! We had these at every big occasion when I was growing up! Sausage and butter laden, they are good!

Prayerful (aka tired) and ready to tuck in!

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