My Finds

I had some time to kill before an OB appt last week so I waddled over to the closest thrift store. Among the plastic lanyard and dried out stamp pads there were two boxes of patterns.  I chose 6 well loved patterns.

.39 cents each! One of which, ironically, is now almost half the price of it's original .60 cents!
 Here are three I plan to use very shortly, well I hope to use them shortly.  I've always wanted a moo-moo but this one required 4 yds of fabric...ouch and holy voluminous batman! The gender neutral PJ's are cute.  And just in case I have a little girl, the shirt top will come in handy and the pants will suit no mater what pops out of me.  I must be full on nesting. I just wish the toilet and gun cabinet were out of the baby's room soon. Although, they could come in handy though. Just Kidding!

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