Yes...I'm nesting

I can't tell you the last time I made a traditional pieced quilt for pleasure. Maybe 2008.  Last Friday I woke up and "needed" to make a quilt.  I know most die hard quilters get this feeling often but I sure haven't for a while. So Friday I pieced this together from an old pattern I had lying around from Terry Atkinson called Yellow Brick Road. It's made by strip piecing fat quarter slices together.  I had neither fat quarters or strips but I made it work anyway from stuff I had lying around. 

I didn't buy a thing, not even batting but technically, as my husband would have said,"sunk costs was the price of supplies". Anyway, I didn't go anywhere and made my newest addition a quilt.  Which turned out larger than I pictured in my mind, 48" x 57".

It's gender neutral but I was worried it would look like a Christmas Quilt with the red and green.  But with the Carousal animals it seems to squash that idea.  I thought I wouldn't have enough fabric for the back but of course I found something that would work in my stash.

With a simple looped stipple quilting it was done and I finished the binding yesterday while helping the kids with homework.  Now I should really finish the 5 other kids quilt tops I've made years ago and really keep this baby warm.  I know I've never been hotter!

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