These are a gift...honest! I made them for my friend Karen.  Well, not for Karen, but for her beautiful baby Solomon.  Karen writes about her comedic life as a mother of 5, yes... 5,  in her blog Graceful like a Chicken.   And what does a mother of 5, who has all the baby gear on standby from  kids 1-4 want for a baby gift?

Diapers and wipes, of course.

What do I choose to make for her?

 Rooster shoes!

Get it...
Rooster...Chicken...Boy Baby....

~I need a different hobby, don't I?!~

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  1. HILARIOUS! That so just made my day! (And I certainly needed my day made, along with my bed, and my meals and everything else since I am nursing not just a newborn but a flu-stricken 6 yo and an 8 yo with ear infections!) I am SOOO excited for Solomon to wear his Rooster shoes! YAY US! Thanks Kim! You are the best and I know you will understand when I DON'T make you something (you've seen my attempts! ha) I'll let you know when it is safe to be here again. Ick.


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