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Pregnant for the first time in 8 years I didn't think things had changed that much when it came to baby gear. Pack N' Plays, exersaucers and sippy cups were standard gadgets.  But it seems mom's are always coming up with easier and more efficient baubles to make a job easier. This time around I think I found at least on thing that is going to suit me.

My cousin Molly had a 3 month old baby when I last saw her. She had this straight jacket type thing around Maisy. Brilliant!  A snuggler that didn't require wrapping and re-wrapping a baby in a recivieng blanket that it kicks out of.

I found a Kwik-Sew pattern and went to work.

Gender neutral colors..of course!

No, I didn't over buy the polar fleece.  The pattern called for 1.5 yards. All I needed was half of that because...
...I decided to do the trim in contrasting fabric.  I knew working with double thickness fleece was going to drive me crazy even before starting the project.  And I didn't look at the pattern layout until after I had gotten home from the store. Duhh!

It was quick and fun. Next time I might do piping instead of the trim.
Next time...
(how many of these do I need?!?)

Only one.

But I made another one...for a baby gift!


  1. Oh, oh, oh, pick me, pick me!!!! So, how long does something like this take you? I think, if I started now, I might have one done by the time I have grandkids! (God forbid they should all live in Florida!)

  2. You were supposed to get this before but I keep forgetting it! Do I need to wrap it? he he

  3. Sometimes picking the perfect fabric takes the longest. Once that is done, takes about an hour.


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