"do it myself"

That is what my now 11 year old used to say. Scary how time does fly away!

His birthday was Monday and being the wonderful mother I am, knew exactly what I was going to give him. I just waited until the day before to go and buy it.

As you may know we are a sporting family: basketball, soccer, baseball, football, no basketweaving (yet)

And always on the run with equipment helter skelter.
So I bought Tyler this...
An equipment bag with our logo on it already.  I asked how long it would take to embroider his name on it. 

1 week...

Yeah...that's not gonna work.

Since I spent  #$%%$#$ much money on an embroidery module for my sewing machine 4 years ago (and have used 5 times since) I thought I'd dust it off and give it a try.

Literally, dust it off.  Isn't that disgusting!!

After running to the store to buy the special black thread needed, I centered everything up with the machine embroidery hoop.

After double and triple checking positioning, I pressed the go button.

It was odd positioning the duffel on there but worked great.

"Look... I do it myself"

and saved #$%%$#$ minus the 10 bucks they would have charged me. 

I left it on the counter with a Happy Birthday sign and his favorite muffins when he got home from school. By the time I got back from teaching he had his basketball stuff in it. 
Guess he liked it!


  1. Ok, that is so cool....not only are you the most thoughtful gift giver, you are so very talented. Does the machine just *do* that on its own? Certainly you have to do SOMETHING more than hitting go, yes???? I'm still getting over the tiny cross ornaments I tried to make over a year ago.....ho hum....

  2. Seriously. The hardest part is getting it spelled right and centering it on the bag. Other than that, you really do press go.


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