Fiber Frenzy

 Every year the Textile Center holds a fundraiser called Fiber Frenzy.  Artists donate any handmade fiber item to the Textile Center to be purchased.  The gallery manager saw me prepping for class on Tuesday and asked if I could take this open topped box and add some fiber art to it.

I had to have something lying around, right?! Well I had this....
Painted Paper with Lumiere by Jacquard
Spackle Stencil painted with Neopaque by Jacquard

And this....
Marbled Muslin with Shaving Cream Technique
Rust Dying on Sew-In Interfacing
But I finally settled on...

Black Tape resist technique with some hand painted doodles.

...and I got a $10 gift Certificated to the annual Garage Sale!


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