"How are you doing?"

This is not the "How u doin'?" from Joey of Friends, which can't be farther from my mind at this point, but it's the "How are you doing?" thing every kindhearted friend I see these days says.  Even if I'm not around they ask hubby who says "they are all asking about, how you're doing".

I tend to go into hiding as much as I can at this point because soon they say, "haven't you had that baby, yet?" Which really makes me feel like a beached whale.

Do I see the light at the end of the tunnel?

 Well... do you want me to be honest?

Instead of being a hermit who can't leave the house out of sheer will power, I don't leave the house because it's -9 without windchill and who needs to deal with that.

So what am I doing...

This is what I'm filling my days with:

This                                               OR                                                  This

depending on how impatient I am.

making more of these before V-day!

I wish I was sitting on grass in a short sleeved shirt, but I am knitting.
But I live here...

 Only 4 weeks left and it's only the dead of winter. Nice, isn't it!

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