"Make Do and Mend"

Because of this shortage of clothes and through publications/campaigns like "Make Do and Mend“ by the Ministry of Information in 1943, which intended to help women to get the last possible ounce of wear out of all their and their families clothes. People started making new clothes from old ones and from all other household linen. During the world wars women became masterminds of make do and mend, so resourceful they fashioned up sexy knickers out of parachutes.

Well it's not really that bad is it this go around, is it?!?!

I have had a pile of "mends" for quite some time and it seemed time to accomplish it!
I did chuck a few things not worth fixing.

 Some sort of baseball bat parachute which I'm not fashioning into a "sexy knickers". Just fixin.

Who doesn't love a little no sew help!

I love this jacket! Only been in the pile for twice as long as I've been pregnant!

And it only needed a button sewed on!!!!

Poor hubby down a pair of pants for a 5 minute fix. This one was about 6 months old!

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