Ode to my sister

In honor of my sister's birthday today, I thought I'd give her a present from my point of view.

She is a self proclaimed worry wort. She didn't sleep for month because she was worried that the pine trees in their front yard were going to fall down on the house.

So she chopped them down.

I also suspected she would be worried about me going to Costa Rica while pregnant. So I didn't tell her I was going until about a month before leaving.  Just enough time for her to do research on the 5 star resort we were staying at.  Making sure there was running water and roof over our heads.

I think we did just fine.

So I've decided to give her a list for her birthday.

It is entitled...

Things my sister never has to worry about!

To make sure it's above freezing before spraying the front door with Windex.
 She lives in Georgia.


 Shopping for sports briefs.

 She has two daughters.


Of ever having an "Opps"

They are both "fixed"


Of ever eating Tuna Casserole
She HATES tuna!


Of ever living in the same state as me.
It too hot for me in GA and to cold for her in MN.  

And don't worry sister, the baby and I will be just fine. 
But I'm not calling you while in labor. 
You'll just have to wait.

Happy Birthday big sis!

Update:  My brother-in-law informs me that a tree DID actually fall down in the front yard.  She just cut all the other live ones though.

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