Recycled Paper Tablets Tutorial

You can blame my mother.

I do.

When I was a kid she used to cut up junk mail letters in thirds and put them by the phone for messages or for grocery lists because the back side is "perfectly OK"

Now after she prints something and has no use for the paper she flips it over and puts it back in the printer to print on the other side.

I pulled the print on both sides of the paper trick when I first was married.  Once, hubby printed a 15 page document for work using "used" paper.  He was not very happy as he was rushing out the door.

Now I have a more "Martha solution" to the used paper problem our family has.

When I print off coupons from the internet sometimes they are one per piece of paper.

 After cutting the coupon out it seemed to be a waste to recycle all this white space.
 I use my paper cutter to trim them to 5.5" x 8.5" stack them together and staple 3 times at the top.

Then I cut my decorative paper to cover the staples to 1.5" x 5.5"

 Then glue stick it on.
 I do them when my used paper stack starts getting thick. Saving time with assembly line processing.

I also did this for a eco-friendly art class I was teaching.  But instead of stapling at the top, did so at the sides and put card stock as a cover and back.  Then used more decorative paper to make a cover.

The only problem with using "used" paper is sometimes companies do this...

 Right smack in the middle of the paper!

This I chuck in the recycle bin.

My mother wouldn't. She'd use it again.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree but at least it looks a little different!

Thanks and Love ya mom!

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