Sewing with M.E.

For the last 4 weeks I've been teaching a young lady, M.E. to sew. When I call her M.E. it sounds like Emmy, which is a good girls name but as my statician hubby says "you have a 75% chance of having a boy". Thanks, love. My dreams of making hair bows and pink tu-tu's have now vanished.


The perfectly faced collar

M.E. knew how to sew the basics and then some, so she picked a challenging project for her which translated to challenging project for my pregnancy brain. I swear foreign language people write these patterns. It also might be I'm a visual learner, and I hate to read which doesn't come in handy when reading patterns.

We worked with great detail perfecting the pockets of the pj shirt.

The details for the ruffle hem.

Learning and using the button hole stitch.

Doing the ol' elastic-with-saftey-pin-through-the-waist trick.
(that's the technical name for it)

The hem of the pants have to have a decorative stitch to match the pockets!

And we finished...

the cutest pajama shirt EVER!
Thanks for being my partner in crime, Emmy!

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