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My mother "gave" me this pattern to try.  Now I don't actually remember if she gave it to me, loaned it to me or left it at my house on "permanent loan". In any case she has a better memory than I do so if she wants it back, well, she'll just ask.
It's a pattern by Amy Bulter
I think my mother acquired it as a give away, but I'm pretty sure most quilt stores sell her patterns.  She is known for her modern prints.

I chose modern prints from my own stash. An interior designer gave me her sample squares which are the perfect size for this project.

They were all silk and water repellent.  I'm not sure what benefit that is for a coin purse unless you stick a mug of water in your purse that sweats all over everything.  I wouldn't know anything about that. Nope not me.

Truth be to told I picked these fabrics because I only had 2 zippers which determined the size and color of my project.  They were from my grandma's stash which was divied up when she passed away.  Thanks Grandma!

The first one was a little fussy just getting used to the way the pattern was written.

The second one took half the time.  The colors really do go together, just a stinky pic.

Love the pleated bottom!

This is actually a present for a friend.  It isn't in her colors but I think she may like it anyway! She's always buying my stuff even though I try to give it to her! 

Stop it! 
Come to think of it, I have several stubborn friends who buy stuff from me too.

I don't know how to make them stop. 

So I'll keep making treats for them.

...kind of like a KRO designs incentive program.

My statistical husband would be proud.

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