Who knew?

I always head to the produce section at the grocery store first, except the other day when I already had rotting fruit in the bowl at home to use up.  So I took a short cut to the meat section and stopped by this bin of books sandwiched between the tacky hats and cold meds.
What made me stop was truly divine intervention.

Earlier that week I stopped by a specialty yarn and fabric store, Crafty Planet before heading to class and found this book Boho Baby Knits by Kat Coyle

Loved it and almost bought it for 28 bucks!

But there it was, at the grocery store, in with all the other bargain books for $4.99!
Providence I tell you!

I checked out and immediately went to buy some yarn.

And started my first project out of it!

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  1. Excellent find! I love browsing in there when I have time...you just never know what you might find!


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