The 8 year olds version of a cigar

Why do men give cigars away after the birth of a child?

A commenter at the website Cigar Blog 101 traces the custom to the era of Milton:
"The custom of giving away cigars to celebrate the birth of a child had its origin in the latter part of the 17th century. Cigars were quite rare and they were to be treasured - Thus, when a man parted with a cigar it was an expression of deep emotional appreciation."
Our middle child is beside himself giddy in the fact he is now an older brother.  To egg him on a little bit, I put together a gift he can pass out at school to help him celebrate in his own way.  

In a cellophane bag I put a few green kisses and finished it off with some homemade shamrock twist ties. One side says "I'm Lucky!"

The other says "I'm a big brother now!"

I managed to tie having a baby with St. Patrick's Day.

I must be sleep deprived!

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