Homemade Beyblades

I had no idea these things existed until my middle child had a friend come over and play.

He walked in with this beat up tin box.  I wasn't sure what to make of it so I hovered around the two of them to make sure it wasn't something weird(er).

Apparently you launch these tops into a vessel and try to knock your opponent out.


On Saturday seeing as how we had only one thing on the calender and he was bored, middle child invented his own type of Beyblades using LEGO parts.

These are assembled L to R bottom to top.  I have no idea what the Lego's original purpose was, so don't ask.

We have 4 total. Each one has an identifying brick on top.
I told him to get the Supper Nacho pan out because saying a 9 by 13 is inconsequential to an 8 year old.  He picked out the 9x9 instead. Whatever.

I haven't figured out the rules yet but I'm pretty sure he hasn't either.

For all of you who are my age or older, I suspect the level of ingenuity to make your own Bey blades is on par with making a ship out of a refrigerator box. I'm pretty proud of my ingenious kid.

Warning:  4 cups of water have been spilled and one glass has been broken in the last 36 hrs due to the flailing nature of arms. Make sure all counter tops are clear when playing.

Photo credits to the 11 year old!

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