"How do you do it all?"

"How do you do it all?

This is what people have asked me for years.

I'm a fairly task oriented, to-do list kinda girl. I like to plan out each week, have a family meeting about it on Sunday so everyone knows the schedule.  Of course things get switched around but as long as it's changed on the calendar, I'm happy.

I also like a tidy house, visual clutter drives me crazy. All the boys, not excluding my hubby, know that when mommy gets a little crabby, it's time to help her pick up.

But let's be honest....I can't do it all.  Job, hobby, kids, cooking, cleaning....you know the drill. I'm not Martha!

I  did try to emulate her in my early married years. Dessert every night, fresh baked bread and no dishwasher with a baby. Crazy stuff.

Now, I'm just like every other mom.

Piles of crap to deal with.

Fabric Scraps not put away from projects.

And I cook from boxes too. ~~gasp~~

See... I do live in the real world.

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