leaky faucet blotters tutorial

It's one of those things no one really talks about. When I had my first child I didn't know it was a problem until it was.  I'm talking about Leaky Faucets!

For both kids I bought a gigantic box of those disposable cotton wipes type of things.  And I didn't even use half of them because my true milk never came in. Don't ask, I don't know why, it just didn't.  I'm hoping for a change this time around.

I made some the other day and I thoght I'd show you how truely easy it is.

Using my old high school protractor I drew a 4.5 inch circle out of freezer paper. You could use any paper I just had this on hand from another project.

 I pinned my circle to a couple of 5" square pieces of muslin cut them out and kept going until I had 70 circles.

Putting 5 layers on top of one another I overlock stitched them together getting 7 sets of pads. All in all it took a little over an hour.

Now for all you who are asking question while reading this post, I've included some answers below:
leaky faucets?  Yes, breast milk does leak in your bra if you don't have a pad on.
5" squares?  I cut 5" squares out of my fabric with my strip cutter for quick cut out.  I can't imagine  cutting out circles from a large piece of fabric that is difficult to turn.
Muslin? Yes, the cheepest fabric you can buy but still 100% cotton. Idealy I would have used unbleached muslin but didn't have any on hand.  Pureists would have used organic cotton.
70 circles? I did start cutting them out 2 at a time with a rotary cutter but ended up with cutting 5 layers at a time the old fashioned way.
Overlock stitch?  I do have a serger but only have primary colored thread and was too lazy to go to the store.  I didn't think it would look too good having red thread be see through so I just took the extra time on my machine.

Any more questions, let me know

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