Make way for Baby

I hated, loathed, and despised how my gentle household was taken over by baby gear the instant the older boys were born.  Exersaucer, high chair, and swing.  Fisher-Price Farm, Hot Wheels Trick-Tracks and anything that was primary colored that had NO off switch! 

As soon as we told my mother-in-law we were expecting she says enthusiastically..."What do you need?"

The first thing I said was, "NO LARGE PLASTIC THINGS"

True story... were in practical land again.

Of course I could walk up and down the stairs to the baby's room every time to feed, change and put it down for a nap. What is the sense in that when I can have my house overrun by plastic things again.

Here is our "Man Den". 
My cozy western-themed-with-log-saw room off the kitchen. Hence the cookbook rack. many cookbooks do I have?

I deciding to relocate the book rack to the dining room

I accessorized with a painted paper screen my Dad brought back from Japan when I was in high school. It was for my mom who gave it to me on "permanent loan".
Guess what I decided to put in the bookshelf place in the "Man Den"?

...a pink pack-n-play.

Now all you "hoping for a girl" people out there, don't get excited.  I still don't know what sex it is.
I wanted a changing table/bassinet for the main floor and saw this on clearence at Target for 55 bucks!
I didn't even care if it was teal (my most un-favorite color ever), I was buying it.  
You can't even find a decent used one for that price.
Now our man cave has pink in it...
( it's about time!)

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  1. You made the right decision, in moving those item into the right place, it for your own convenience I guess!

    Baby High Chair


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