My appreciation

There are so many of you who have given your time or gifts to Luke and I wanted to show how much I appreciate that.  Since I haven't been mentally able to be crafty, my Hubby gave me "half a day off" on Saturday to stretch my creative legs.  And I was truly giddy!

It all started on Friday when I went to coffee with a girlfriend.  As a side note, I managed not to wear any maternity cloths for the first time. I was truly giddy about that too!


She gave me this baby organizer and a cute card.
As much as I loved the planner, the card was exciting to see.

It's called dry embossing.  I've done the wet one with the glitter and the heat gun but this was much subtler.

After a quick Target run, I was off to Micheal's!

This is what I found.  I wanted to find something other than Martha Crafts but it was the superior product. I must have been desperate,  I didn't use a coupon! Gasp!

It comes with these metal plates that I taped to my light box.

Using the stylus, you press lightly on the paper. I found that using light colored paper worked better to see through.

Here was my first attempt.  Yup, the letters were backwards.  I then turned the letter plate over and did some more testing.  Duh!

Here were some results.  I mounted each card on a secondary piece of card stock.

I love this ribbon but it frayed so I whipped out the Fray check. One bottle lasts a lifetime.

Every card I made was a one of a kind for all those one of a kind people who care so much for us.

I even lined the envelopes just to put the icing on the cake.

I'm now completely addicted to dry embossing. 

Do you like the ones I made for me?

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