Play Ball

Twins single game tickets went on sale last Saturday.  Which, in a round about way, means we've officially hit spring around the Oedekoven household.

To honor baseball and the fact that snow has to be melted off the ground to play the sport, which inturn means that we will be rid of snow soon, which also means we are headed into full on spring (are you following me?!), I whipped up a little project for our newest family member.(BEFORE HE WAS BORN - for all of you who think I'm an overachiever.)

A couple days before I gave birth my mom and I went to a fabulous knitting store. (which I will share with you later)  I asked her for a baseball hat pattern.  I had in mind just a simple white skull cap with red stitching on it (to make it look like a baseball) but she handed me this instead.

Sure! Why not get it?! I've got nothing better to do, other than give birth, right?!?

Then I opened it up and saw I did not have to pay attention to gauge! 
Bingo - I can be brainless!

Using worsted wool, I knitted and felted this hat and brim separate and hand stitiched them together.

Using a logo template and a scrap felted sweater, cut out the EP logo!

I should have needle felted the logo on but I thought the stitiching would look good. ( Bad idea!)

.  See, he's already a slugger- Got the hand positioning right!

The older boys already have a bat picked out for him. Waiting for Luke to grow up is going to be difficult for them, not for me!

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